She supports a broad range of clients impacted by the life-debilitating effects of these conditions, including those suffering from current and residual forms of abuse, abandonment, loss, physical injury, chronic illness, terminal illness, chronic pain, obesity, work-related stress, relationship issues, and more.

As a special area of focus, Jeni has a uniquely-effective approach for assisting those impacted by sexual trauma.  Having spent decades honing this protocol, she helps sexual trauma survivors succeed on their journey toward full recovery in ways that are customarily considered difficult to achieve.

In 2010, on the heels of many years of research and practical application, Jeni founded a unique form of somatic therapy.  Jeni’s somatic (body-based) methodology employs a combination of mindful body and breath awareness, guided imagery, vocalization, and cathartic release in order to “metabolize” [emotional pain memory] through and out of the body.

Her unique approach taps into the underlying embodied experience of pain that is often difficult (or even impossible) to access through other therapeutic methods.  By addressing the root causes of emotional and mental (and often physiological) pain, her clients become liberated from their burdens and can thus lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Jeni’s approach is one that inspires greater self-awareness and personal empowerment.  It is grounded in an understanding that each person has the innate wisdom and internal resources necessary to, with the proper support, successfully navigate the path toward wholeness.

It is Jeni’s professional passion and commitment to use the most effective and rapid treatment methods available to help her clients achieve the highest degree of personal liberation and authenticity.  Each treatment is uniquely adapted to the individual client’s needs and personal goals.

Jeni offers somatic therapy to clients around the world via phone and web video-based therapeutic treatments.  If you are interested in scheduling a session, you can do so here: Somatic Therapy.