Are you ready to jump in and commit to your transformation process or do you need to stick your toe in the water first?  

You are the only one who can answer that question.  What I will say is, making a commitment will help you get through the challenging moment...the difficult times when you're tempted to run away from your transformation process.

I have treatment plan options to suit your readiness and budget.  

For those ready to go for it, my 5 and 10-session packages offer great discounts off the individual session price.   

Select the option below that's best for you:

10-Session Package (a $200 savings)

Most of my ongoing clients chose this option because they save $20 per session -- this is my best discount.  Besides the $200 savings, paying by package allows us to just focus on our work together rather than arranging payment each week.  Also, clients who purchase package have a guaranteed regular day and time in my schedule each week.

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5-Session Package (a $50 savings)

This middle option is useful for clients who want the benefit of session discounts as each session is discounted by $10, with a total $50 cost savings on 5 sessions.  You will have a guaranteed regular day and time in my schedule each week

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Single Somatic Therapy Session

While individual session purchases are at my full session rate, it can be a good way to start if you are feeling tentative and want to just give this work a try.

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