Jeni is an amazing therapist, and in a gentle and compassionate process she gets to the root issues and teaches great tools on how to work through all kinds of emotions. Working with her I was able to face some tough breakthroughs and move forward with confidence to learn how to face issues that came up. I would highly recommend her to everyone and anyone to dig deep and make amazing changes to a happy balanced life.
— Hilary H., California, USA

Thank you for your skillful presence and guidance, Jeni. You did help me get right to the “heart of the matter” and remember my deepest calling in this life. And my intention to connect more deeply with my son was instantaneously and effortlessly realized as soon as I saw him: I feel able to show myself more fully for him to see. I am so thrilled that you are offering this gift to the world!
— Ben G., Oregon, USA

Jeni is such a gifted and intuitive healer. She can guide you where you need to go for your highest healing. I would recommend her to any one looking to profoundly change their life in a most positive way.
— Terry C., California, USA

I am a sensitive and am very careful of whom I work with. Meeting Jeni and checking her out all ways to infinity, I knew that she had integrity, power and grace. Our session together had a stillness to it which allowed for so much movement to happen. Jeni has the gift of working with the vibrational frequency of matter/physicality and effortlessly creating a different possibility and manifestation. I look forward to working with her again.
— Tanya S., Pakistan

I feel exceptionally fortunate that I connected with Jeni Ambrose in order to heal from childhood sexual trauma. Jeni is gifted with the ability to help me unravel the wounded complexities of my mind, body and soul. Before I began working with her, I had felt hopeless and defeated for years. I also felt that a huge part was missing from my life but had no idea where to start to ‘fix’ such emptiness. I now feel increased self esteem, self worth. I believe in myself and what I think and what I speak. I feel happy and content being who I am. ‘Happy’ is an inadequate word but the best I can find.
— Karen T., Arizona, USA

Jeni provided an immediately safe setting that encouraged me to relax and go deep. With her skilled, gentle guidance I was able to intuit answers to even the unspoken questions. I experienced myself as an already powerful man, not a needy, wounded victim. Healing happened effortlessly on inner levels and I am enjoying some dramatic reflection changes in my day to day experience.
— Will W., Oregon, USA

My visits with Jeni have been life changing. I have tried many therapies, and I have never seen so much growth and insight within myself as I do after my visits with Jeni. She has an amazing and unique talent. She is intuitive, empathetic, caring and compassionate. I cannot recommend her enough to those who are ready and willing to make great changes in their life.
— Lindsay W., California, USA

Hi Jeni. Can I firstly say that you are an amazing human. I was awed to meet you and then having a session with you was life changing. I was already in a retreat to release physical burdens and then the session with you I felt lighter and I could actually feel past issues unlocking and leaving. I have found I have changed the way I react to things now, I don’t feel so weighed down by anger. My only disappointment was that I didn’t get the chance to spend more time with you. Maybe you could add another destination to your world tour, I hear Perth Australia is beautiful What I got from our session was being about to read my body, I can now recognise blocked energy and although I can’t fully release it, I can acknowledge it. Thank you so much.
— Jo A., Perth, Australia

Jeni is excellent at what she does. She’s intuitive and skillful at assisting to emotionally release what needs to be released, and you never know what that’s going to be. I highly recommend Jeni if you feel drawn to emotional release work!
— Sherie D., California, USA

Jeni helped me release emotions that were blocking me from getting through the emotional trauma I was experiencing. It was an amazing release and fun at the same time. I felt lighter and refreshed. I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to escape the repetitive cycles that hinder their development, peace and happiness.
— Jennifer C., California, USA

I normally am quite cynical about those who claim to be able to help heal others. I’m not a new age kind of guy, and I don’t relate to the so called “spiritual” community very well. But Jeni truly helped me with the loss of a love, and I would gladly see her again when she passes through.
— Jack B., Bali, Indonesia

Jeni truly saved my life! I was in conventional therapy, where I would go sit and talk with a therapist, but it really wasn’t helping me. I just felt that I needed something more, something deeper. I was going through so much emotional trauma and through quantum emotional release therapy I was able to release a lot of emotional pain that I had no idea I was holding onto. Jeni also taught me amazing techniques to handle my emotions and those of my children, I am much more connected to myself and my children because of it. This therapy is truly amazing and if anyone is going through emotional trauma such as the death of a loved one or divorce this is the place to go.
— Lily A., California, USA

Jeni guided me teaching me to heal myself. Each session with her is a blessing. She rocks!
— Jack F., California, USA

Hi Jeni. Thank you so much for your marvelous work which gave me new insights and helped me to go further in my personal development. As you know it is never to late. Working in the field of NLP and Hypnovision myself for so many years I had not expected to be beamed so effortless in dimensions of self-conciousness and understanding who I really am. Thank you with all my heart.
— Rainer B., Bali, Indonesia

It was a release that I experienced and was guided through it with such ease. I can only say that I will want to get another series for my health and well being.
— Dana H., California, USA

I am usually a man with a strong exterior, always being emotionally strong so as not to burden others or fully let my vulnerabilities show…and as is the consequence of that I pushed a lot of sorrow, anger and fear deep into my emotional pain body. I am incredibly grateful to the space Jeni held in allowing me to feel safe expressing, crying, and even yelling as I let go of energy that truly didn’t serve me. Thank you Jeni. You helped me remember that I don’t always have to be strong and that I have permission to ask for a hug sometimes, instead of always just giving them.
— Rodolfo Y., Bali, Indonesia

I’ve done SO many different inner healing modalities and your work, by far, has had the most profound effect on me. So grateful to have found you. If anyone wants more info about your work have them send me a Facebook message and I will happily share my experience.
— Kristin M., California, USA

Jeni is a gifted and wonderful therapist. I have been seeing her for a while now and she has helped me a lot in my life. She is intuitive, caring, and I feel safe with her. I always leave her sessions feeling more empowered and more centered. I recommend Jeni to anyone who wants to do deeper into themselves, who is tired of traditional talk therapy, and wants to make more profound changes in their life.
— Brian F., California, USA

Hi Jeni, I love your work, it is live changing and I am so happy, your destiny has directed you to Bali. I really hope you will come back.
— Monika S.B., Bali, Indonesia

For me Jeni provided a safe, nurturing environment to confront emotional trauma that I had convinced myself didn’t really exist. With compassion and ease Jeni taught me vital resources to carry forward with me. Every step of the way Jeni was informative and honest. I highly recommend Emotional Release Therapy with Jeni to anyone in search of a fulfilling life.
— Monique C., Nevada, USA

Jeni has a sweet gentle presence that from start to finish, made me feel i was in good hands, understood, safe and cared for. In session, she focused in on the very precise issue and area that was needing healing. Her energetic touch was gentle yet quite effective in helping make the necessary shifts i asked for and needed. I look forward to our next session together. Thank you Jeni!
— David I., California, USA
Jeni is amazing! I have arrived to sessions stressed, frazzled and left calm and at peace. Jeni’s intuition guides her to where healing is needed. I love her and would give her more stars if the Site would allow it. My life has changed in many positive ways since I have been seeing her. What a blessing to know her.
— Karin F., California, USA

On my soul’s journey, I was led to a lady named Jeni. I met with her briefly at first, not quite knowing why, but trusting a feeling coming from deep inside. Perhaps she was gifted with a way to help break free all that was blocked inside of me...

So we began to chip away, little-by-little as the emotions surfaced, allowing the tears to flow until finally my body released and accepted the feelings being expressed. With each breath I went a little deeper, all the hurt from so long ago no longer held me captive. The lightness of my being began to emerge, I sensed the healing of body, mind and soul.

So I thank you Jeni for helping me embrace and set free all that life holds, so more light can shine through and express what I came here to do.
— Maxine H., California, USA