The Therapeutic Process

How many Somatic Therapy treatments will it take to address my issues/concerns?

This question is probably the most common question I am asked — and understandably so.  After all, from a psychotherapeutic perspective, one can expect many years (and even decades) of counseling (sometimes multiple times per week) to work through psychological stress and trauma — with variable levels of success to show for it.

On the other end of the spectrum, in the field of energetic and spiritual healing, grandiose promises of “instant healing” are often made — with short term ephemeral benefit followed by longterm disillusionment as all of the symptoms and feelings return.

I work with people who have been through decades of counseling, neurological reprogram, and all modalities of energetic healing — all of whom still have the emotional residue of their experiences locked within their bodies waiting to be unpacked, processed, and metabolized.

One thing I know for certain from my practical experience — if you haven’t felt the feelings and worked them through your body, they are still there waiting for you.

As a general rule, anyone on the planet can benefit greatly from somatic therapy, whether they've been through a serious trauma (or traumas)...or not.  This is due to the stress of modern living, coupled with a severe culture-wide lack of understanding and education in dealing with life stressors and emotions.

Unfortunately, there are very few of us who have gone through life unscathed by at least some form of trauma that still needs to be processed through our systems.  The length of time required to heal is based upon a number of variables, including:

  1. Your desired outcome. Do you want to "just get through” acute pain or substantively improve your life?

  2. Severity and duration of life stressors and/or trauma(s).

  3. Level of mental/emotional/somatic impacts of the trauma(s).

  4. Your mental/emotional capacity to actively engage in the healing process. This can improve as you heal.

  5. Frequency of treatment sessions. Ideally weekly treatments is the best rhythm for the most rapid and effective outcome.

What I can say with confidence is that it will be more rapid and effective than you might anticipate.


I can point to a number of clients, for example, who have been through severe childhood sexual trauma.  A common thread among these people is they each had spent decades in counseling (as well as having tried EFT, NLP and a variety of other techniques) with a lot of work still ahead of them.

Each of these individuals experienced tremendous leaps forward and profound levels of mental, emotional, energetic, and physiological renewal through our work together meeting once a week for only 1-3 years.

It is difficult to assess how long treatment will take for your unique circumstance prior to our initial session.  As I get to know you over our first few appointments, I will be able to give you a clearer trajectory for our work together based upon your needs and goals.

And, if I don't think this work is right for you, I will let you know and not waste either of our time.

What is involved in Somatic Therapy?

While each treatment is uniquely designed, based upon what needs to be addressed, the process generally includes an initial period of discussion and guidance followed by my unique somatic (body-based) therapeutic process.

Discussion and Guidance

During this portion of our treatment, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the issues you are struggling with and share what you are going through in this interactive, informal process.  I will guide you through a process of inner inquiry and share important information for your inner growth.  This part of our session tends to be very educational and empowering.  It is also where “I tune in with you” to determine what our somatic process will be focused around — it sets the stage for our somatic therapy work.

Somatic Therapy

After the discussion process, we enter the somatic (body-based) portion of our work where the “emotional metabolization” of issues being stored in your body takes place.  A unique combination of breathing, vocal resonance, guided imagery, and cathartic release techniques are employed.  You don’t need any prior experience in these techniques to have this powerful process work for you.  In fact, it is likely so different from anything else you ever experienced, it's better to come with an open mind to get the most out of the process.

This powerful combination of discussion coupled with somatic therapy accelerates the recovery and integration process with benefits on all levels — mental, emotional, energetic, physical — as well as neuroplastic rewiring the brain and nervous system.

Will I have to wait until the end of our work together to experience the benefits?

Absolutely not.  Because this therapeutic modality coupled with my somatic attunement allow my clients to integrate and re-embody their lives more and more with each treatment, the benefits are continual and you don’t have to wait for years to see the results or for your life to improve.

Most clients notice that, in an easy and graceful way, all areas of life just get better and better — their relationships start to improve, their aches and pains begin to disappear, they have more energy and motivation, addictions and cravings just fall away, better life opportunities present themselves, and generally everything is easier and less dramatic.  

The change is not drastic -- as in all at once, which frankly is shocking to the system and not likely to be integrated as permanent change.  It is subtle, week-by-week, and when you look back after a few months -- and the people you know begin to comment on how different you are -- you see how dramatic the results really are...and they are the new you.

Are there any side effects to Somatic Therapy?

After some treatments (usually after very deep work), you may experience some “clearing through” of the historic material for a few days after our session.  This is your body -- mental, emotional, physical, and energetic -- discharging the Emotional Pain Memory (EPM).

This usually takes the form of emotions pouring forward — seemingly toward the things in your current life -- but in reality, it is the old EPM working its way through.  Even though it doesn’t always feel so great, is a very good thing and you'll feel much better after it passes.

As the EPM works its way through, you should feel progressively better...less shadow, more light.

Will I learn tools I can use on my own to improve my life?

I am dedicated to helping people become empowered, self-reliant individuals.  At the core of my philosophy as a somatic therapist is a commitment to moving people through their work rapidly and safely to a place of independence.

To this end, the process is very transparent, meaning throughout our work together, explaining what we are doing and why we are doing it.  I also encourage questions and engage with your own personal insights, which teaches you to trust your inner expert and personal intuition.  So as you experience deep healing, you also learn some of the basics of this process that you can begin to apply in your own life as you heal and grow.

As we progress forward, I give you “homework assignments” that will encourage you to use some of the basic techniques to make your daily life more functional.

While clearing the day-to-day Emotional Pain Memory that gets backlogged in the system is something that you will learn to do, the “deep dives” that we engage in within the therapeutic treatments ARE NOT something to attempt on your own.

Types of Clients Served

Who is this process designed to help?

This process can provide dramatic healing and transformation for anyone:

Who is going through (or has gone through) difficult, stressful and/or traumatic life experiences,


Who is ready to be powerfully supported in moving beyond these challenges and into a more radiant, powerful life.

One might asked, “Wouldn’t everyone who is holding onto stress and pain residue want to be rid of it and have a better life?”

Actually, the answer is “NO.”

Stress and trauma pain residue resides in the body and can negatively impact a person’s physical, emotional, mental and energetic health.  While nearly EVERYONE has stress and trauma pain residue that needs to be cleared (a natural but toxic by-product of human life), NOT EVERYONE is ready to move beyond the pain to create a better life.

One reason this therapy is so effective at helping people rapidly move through pain and trauma, is my intuitive ability and the technique don’t allow people to “hide out” as they are able to in many other therapeutic modalities.

It usually becomes clear within 1-2 treatments if someone is really unwilling to move forward.  This tends to be a rare occurrence though, because most people who seek me out are passionate about moving beyond the pain into a much better life.

If you are someone who is ready to heal, you will know it as you read this.  If so, you have come to the right place.


My basic Somatic Therapy session is 75 minutes long (20-25 minutes longer than most therapists).  The individual session rate is $160.  

I do have discount plans, which are my sliding scale.  I offer a 5-Session Package at $150 per session (savings of $50) and a 10-Session Package for $140 per session (savings of $200).  This is the route most of my ongoing clients take for making our work together more cost effective.

Usually what I recommend if you are new to working with me is starting out with a single session.  If we decide that working together is a good fit, I will be happy to apply your single session payment toward a package so you can still receive the discount on your first session.

I accept all major credit cards as payment method.