The way her intuition (otherwise referred to as a highly-developed countertransference function) directly benefits her clients is in a number of ways.

First, this gift allows her to quickly and easily retrieve information about the underlying causes of mental, emotional (and often physical) pain and dysfunction.

In other clinical environments, retrieving this information can involve a lengthly introductory process constituting many therapy sessions or the need for hypnosis.  Quickly access this internal data translates into an ability to focus immediately upon the healing process.

Another way Jeni’s intuition serves the therapeutic process is by providing well-attuned “kinesthetic empathy.”  As a somatic therapist, this allows her to sense what and where [emotional pain memory] is held her clients’ bodies by sensing it within her own body.  Again, this direct approach, verses poking around in the dark via trial and error, makes the process more potent and accelerates the healing trajectory.